Nipper Cards (Affirmation cards for children)


  • Pack of 52 playing cards
  • 13 power animals deigns
  • Affirmation message on every card
  • 4 different card games including memory games and Snap
  • Each power animal has numbers 1 – 4


Does your child become upset or angry easily?  Do you struggle with knowing how to deal with melt downs?

Neuroscience research has proved that if a human being is able to understand and name their emotions early on, they can learn to self regulate and people who are able to self regulate their emotions, are likely to succeed better in life that those with higher IQ’s. In other words, emotional intelligence is more important than academic intelligence.

I’m Janthea Brigden director of Nipperbout Ltd. We care for thousands of young people every year, from many cultures and back grounds.  These cards are used in our settings to break down barriers and get children thinking, talking about and naming their feelings.  They can also be used to play familiar games like  Snap, Pelmanisim and “Go Fish”.

Every card has a drawing of a Native American power animal with the quality that each animal possesses, written on the card – The Deer represents gentleness, the Rabbit – fear, the Horse – wisdom. Every card carries a positive message, based on the animal power, to spark curiosity and conversation. The drawings are beautiful and the messages powerful.

The cards encourage children to name and talk about their emotions which increases confidence and the ability to self regulate.


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