Lost Child

CPD accredited: Lost Child The Nipperbout CPD accredited training for Lost Child Provision is robust, informative and enlightening, enabling staff to feel confident and secure when dealing with the diverse situations that they face in their daily work. The course will equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deal with a lost child [...]

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Behaviour Management

CPD accredited: Behaviour Management People are separate from their behaviour. We all behave differently according to how we are feeling at the time. This Behaviour Management course helps practitioners to separate the person from their behaviour, recognise the need behind the behaviour and learn how to move forward. Practitioners will be given a range of [...]

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Safeguarding Children at Events

CPD accredited: Safeguarding children at events This safeguarding course is specifically tailored for those who work within the event industry. With the withdrawal of a police presence from most small-medium events, it has become more important to ensure that your events teams are fully equipped to deal with safeguarding concerns. This course will provide participants [...]

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